Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Supporting on family on Coupons

Coupons in my house are used daily. I never go to the store without coupons. Having a family of 4 and plus 2 dogs its a must to use coupons. I have saved 519.00 in coupons just in the last few months. I watch the sale ads, buy only what we will use, make sure i have a coupon for the item and if i dont  have a coupon for that item then i buy Store brand for that product, because buying store brand saves money as well. Some stores double and triple coupons but were i live they dont. So some people can save more then other do because of the double and triple coupons. Also read and know your store policy about coupons. i had a trip the other night that the cashier didnt want to accept online computers and i had just read the policy so i had to tell the lady their own policy. if you have any questions please comment below thanks